Call for Papers 2021 Annual Congress European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies

The theme of the 2021 EABCT congress programme “CBT: Back to the Future” has been influenced by the fact that the DeLorean, Doc Brown’s world  famous time-machine, was built in Belfast. While we are not promising time travel our aim is to explore CBT’s important role in dealing with past events,
current dilemmas and future challenges.

One future challenge will be COVID-19, which has already had a major impact on us all in 2020. We know that this will have repercussions on the
psychological and physical health and well-being of many people across the world long after the pandemic has been bought under control. It has also had a major impact on how we deliver our therapy and train our practitioners. As congresses return in 2021 the programme in Belfast will represent the “state of the art” and all that is excellent in contemporary theory, research and practice in CBT across the lifespan, and what we have learned from the past to make
us more effective in the future.

Call for Paper 


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