9th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies - 17-20th July 2019 - The CityCube Berlin, Germany

Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies at the Crossroads

Berlin is the venue for the next world congress in 2019. In the heart of Europe Berlin is a crossroads for the member associations of European Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapies. In 2019 it will be not only the CBT crossroads of EABCT but for the World and we will be welcoming over 4000 delegates from all corners of the CBT world.

World Congress Programme

The Congress programme will run over 4 days with the first day (Wednesday 17th July) being dedicated to invited skills based workshops run by internationally renowned trainers in their field. We anticipate that approximately 20 pre-Congress workshops will be held covering a wide range of applications of CBT.

The main scientific programme will take place over three days (18th-20th July) and include invited addresses, plenary sessions, symposia, clinical roundtables, debates, meet-the-expert sessions, open papers, and poster sessions, as well as in-Congress full-day and half-day workshops.

Scientific Programme Theme

The theme of this Congress is important in several ways. Firstly, CBT is evolving at a rapid pace and in many directions, such that we may well be at the crossroads in terms of maintaining a unified field of theory and practice. Secondly, the development of an integrated and comprehensive bio-psycho-social models, with which to underpin clinical practice, remains a fundamental goal. Thirdly, the variety of problems, including both mental and physical disorders, being targeted with CBT interventions by worldwide health systems are constantly expanding. Fourthly, after over half a century of progress, our field stands ready to emerge as an internationally recognized approach to tackling global health issues and must meet this challenge effectively.

The World Congress Scientific Committee will make a multi-format ‘Call for Papers’ in mid-2018, which will cover a wide range of topics in CBT. Nevertheless, it will especially encourage submissions that target the World Congress theme. In particular, contributions regarding a) conceptualisations of the theory and practice of contemporary CBT, b) interdisciplinary models of disorders and their treatment c) the role of CBT in different health systems and d) the international context and collaboration in CBT interventions, will be welcomed. Berlin, with its long history of scientific and psychological research and its position at ‘the crossroads of Europe’, offers an excellent venue at which to address these important priorities. We look forward to welcoming you at this unique and exciting 9th World Congress of CBT.

E-news March 2018