We are pleased to host the next EABCT Congress in Antalya, Turkiye, with the theme "CBT in a Changing World: Migration And Cultural Diversity."

Our association was established in 2010, we became a full member of the European Association for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies (EABCT) in 2013, and EABCT accredited our training program in 2016. Since we were founded to teach, disseminate, and implement cognitive behavioral psychotherapies in Turkiye, we have organized many local organizations. Becoming the host for the next EABCT congress is a crucial step towards our goals.

The 53rd EABCT Congress, which will be held with the participation of scholars, therapists, and researchers, each of whom have made significant contributions to the field of CBT, will address migration and cultural diversity in the changing world and will cover current issues related to CBT.

Antalya is the most preferred region as of its natural and historical background. You will love the sea, nature, beautiful beaches, and delicious Turkish food. We will present you with a very enjoyable congress with beautiful events and shows related to Turkish culture. We want to point out that the fees are affordable, especially for students and young people. We consider the EABCT congress a vital way to build new networks for students and young researchers. And for these reasons, we prepare affordable fees for them.

You will meet experts from around the world and enjoy Turkiye's unique nature and food. We are sure you will be happy to experience this congress in Turkiye.

We would like to see you at our congress to come together with experts in the field of CBT from around the world and share the most up-to-date evidence-based information and this unique congress experience in Turkiye.

Register at  https://eabct2023.org/?p=home